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Thank you for this thoughtful, detailed, and well-written blog post. Based on your descriptions of your experiences with social media, I have to wonder why you would speak on behalf of just yourself (Matt St. John) as opposed to a particular chapter of the KOC or the entire KOC organization.

Every person's social media experience is different. If you state that social media is largely useless, it is because you do not understand the different parts to this rapidly moving puzzle. While it is true that there is a great deal of dribble clogging our newsfeeds on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like, it is not all as bad as you make it out to be.

One of the things I try to teach people at every turn is the power of observation, research, and most importantly - experimentation. It takes a fair amount of time to try out new things to see what level of participation works best in which social media stream.

With that being said, however, I agree with your ultimate assessment that people need to elevate the discussion to make it more scholarly, more rhetorical, more filled with logic, reasoning, and a healthy debate. This blog is a great start towards that end. Perhaps you should consider hosting a Google+ hangout as well.

Matt St. John

Thanks for the comments.

My comment about social media (by which I mean Facebook and Twitter) being largely useless is a judgment based on my own experience of how most people use it. Keep in mind that I'm 25, came of age when social media was really booming, and interact mostly with members of my own generation on those platforms.

However, the "useless" comment needs to be taken together with the next sentence, which is that it "doesn't have to be that way," and certainly I think for many people it isn't. But I maintain that for most people, it largely is, because of how people choose to use/misuse it.

In any event, my own hope is that we take cues from the Holy Father and each do our part to enrich those media, and not just with theological content either.

As for why I don't post for the KofC -- this blog is an opportunity for us to provide our own opinions. We are not official spokesmen for the KofC and our personal opinions and beliefs on these matters do not necessarily reflect those of Catholic Pulse or the KofC.

As for Google+, it's certainly something I need to explore more.

Thanks for reading.

~ Matt St. John

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