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Entire classes of persons wrongly denied personhood to slaughter them, Nazis denied the Jews, slave owners denied the African, Europeans the native Indians, but no Holocaust more appalling than the slaughter of innocent unborn persons.

Sarah B.

Great post. I am a college student, and we just discussed the Oklahoma amendment proposal in my justice class. My professor told us that the amendment was struck down as unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court because of Roe vs. Wade. Unlike the United States Marriage Law (which essentially gives the states the right to chose whether or not to allow gay marriage), Roe vs. Wade makes abortion legal in ALL states and prohibits a state from outlawing abortion. It doesn't make a lick of sense, but in order to outlaw abortion in any state, we first have to fight to destroy Roe vs. Wade. The federal government, if RvW is ever overturned, probably won't outlaw abortions, but maybe we could at least take a step in the right direction and allow the states who want to outlaw abortion do so. After all, should states not have the right to protect all beings under their law? Oklahoma should most certainly be allowed protect all human life, define when human life begins, and abolish abortion.
Currently, there is a lot of rhetoric being thrown out about "equal protection" and not being denied the rights that others have. Yet, we fail to grant the right to life. We fail to protect life. How about equal protection under the law to live, to breath, the right to be able to fight for "equal protection?" This simple truth never ceases to amaze me: The pro-choice movement is made up of men and women whose parents chose life. They have been given the gift of life, yet they are so willing to advocate its loss. I will pray with you that one day, all human beings, no matter the stage of development, will be able to live life to the fullest and enjoy equal protection under the law of this great country.

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