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According to this, 88% of Americans believe that abortion should be allowed in some cases. Almost half believe that abortion should be done in any circumstance as long as it is during the first trimester.

I feel that these are signals that the Pro-Life movement needs to move away from its focus on legality to a focus on reduction. Abortions were performed before legalization. They would be performed after being made illegal if the root causes of abortion were not addressed. As the climate stands strongly against delegalization of abortion in all cases, and moderately against delegalization in all cases during the first trimester, we who feel strongly about Pro-Life causes should focus our efforts on reduction of abortions rather than delegalization.

Abortions are disproportionally preformed on the poor, as well as minorities. They are also frequently performed on women who already have children. While the occurrence of an abortion on an upper middle class college student or a young, single professional may happen, the majority of abortions are performed on women who feel as though they do not have the ability to support another life because of the dire straits in which they live. As Pro-Life individuals, we need to do a better job at finding a solution to this issue in order to decrease the number of abortions.

Our pregnancy centers do great work, but they are drastically underfunded and lack the support that our movement could provide if galvanized in this effort. Our public policies address poverty in often unspecific ways that could be redefined to specifically address these issues. Our society seeks to chastise those whom we directly call unfit and punish for having children, and thus punish their children, rather than seeking to support those children.

It is up to us to fight against the root causes of abortion. If we do not do this, we will remain deadlocked politically, as demonstrated here, and allow millions more to be aborted while we feel secure in our righteousness about an issue that is not being solved, and will most likely not be solved with delegalization.

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